Band pic This sure has been a long time coming and considering all our current commitments both with families and bands, it's a small miracle we've got this far. The Official Alcotomic site is now up and running and has extensive un-released tracks, live videos and pictures.

Although this site is retrospective in nature, for us, Alcotomic was a critical band in terms of the careers of all four members. The story, tunes and videos are at last here to be shared with all.

Special thanks to Denny Brereton, Paul Inglis, Andy Strachan, Darren Howell, Stephen Boyle, Lloyd Barrett, Jeff Jenkins, Lindsay Gravina, Rohan Draper, Dave Davis, Danny McDonald, Geoff Pennington and all of the great bands we've shared the stage with.

There are many un-released songs that we are currently looking at re-mixing and releasing later in 2009. Contact us at for more info.

Thanks for dropping by.


Alcotomic Official Myspace page is complete and running. There are blogs as well as live footage and audio downloads available. Become a friend and post comments.

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